A career with Eravon puts you on the fast track to growth by helping you realize your full potential. Our employees enjoy a nurturing environment, considerable opportunities for professional progress, and a chance to deliver innovative solutions to businesses across the globe.

It is the commitment of our exceptional team that has consistently driven us from strength to strength, year after year. We are expanding rapidly, solving new problems for clients, and exploring new frontiers. Our clients value the insight we bring to them and the success we help engender, resulting in an over 90% client referral rate. The numerous accolades that we have received provide additional proof points to the results that we have consistently delivered.

Our corporate culture is based on trust and care about employees' personal and professional growth: it encourages employees to take measured risks, and fosters alignment of the company's business objectives with employees' personal needs. The result is low employee turnover that has been well below industry averages.

Corporate citizenship The primary focus of our corporate citizenship activities is on building linkages between our organization and the communities that our employees live in: supporting less advantaged members of the community and seeking to better the surroundings in which we live and work. For instance, our employees regularly serve as volunteers at homes for senior citizens.

Roles and career paths At Eravon, our employees can pursue a variety of alternate career tracks. There is a technology track where you get to leverage your specialized skills and technical expertise. Alternately there is a management track across project management and other business functions. You can enjoy a rich and rewarding career either way.

The important thing to note is that you are not force-fitted into a pre-programmed career path. Instead you get to plot your own destiny based on your unique skills and capabilities.

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